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My Friend Superdawg
By Nathan Hugunin

Superdawg has a secret. Normally he is perched above the intersection of Milwaukee and Devon, on the edge of the Forest Preserve. At nighttime he has adventures like going downtown on the bus, or meeting with his friends Wolfy and Fluky in the Forest Preserve for fun and dares.

Some of their favorite games are Poker, Monopoly, Chess, Snakes & Ladders and others. But sometimes they get into big adventures. Ill tell you about them.

Book 1: Attack of the Factory

When I stopped by to say hello to Superdawg, he wasnt up on the sign. He left a note saying Dear Nathan: Ive gone on a trip to save the restaurant. Some evil guys from Australia are trying to take over the company. Me and my friends have gone out to see whats going on. Sincerely, Superdawg.

He told me that in his letter. I got on a boat on the Chicago River. We caught up with Superdawg, and had never seen him swim so fast before. Ooops! Its not really Superdawg! Its a bomb. Mistake, turn around, drop me off here and get those darn diving suits!

In my pocket I have a photo of Superdawg, just to remember what he looks like in case I dont see him again. I checked my cell phone and had a message from Superdawg. He said: Im having a great adventure so far a mutant fish attacked us with his atomic flippers and giant teeth. It took my onion ring boomerang to destroy him, giving us a nice dinner. They caught some atomic shrimp appetizers. Pizzas were put together using these ingredients plus scallops. Ooh, I just love pizza seafood combo!

Soon he made it to Australia. He met some mutant boxing kangaroos in the coral reef, and along came a cosmic koala with a ray gun, shooting teddy bears out of the sky. It reminded him of home. He got to the building, the final place. But here is the challenge the mutant owners, with an arsenal of advanced weapons, too many and too powerful to count. After defeating the mutant dudes, they got to the Boss. This was difficult -- he did have all the weapons, too advanced and powerful, but Superdawg has relish waves! Rotating at high speed and spraying the company with relish spirals, soon it was too slippery for the Boss to endure. He started sliding and banging into the walls. Superdawg could finally throw his catchhup fist. Finally, the Boss gave up on his global takeover idea and told the company his income was ok without Superdawg.

Yay! My friend saved the day! I still get to have those delicious Superdawg hotdogs, not to mention the sasparilla rootbeer and plentiful other fast items.

Stay tuned for Book 2: Superdawg and the Reversed Earth Core